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Definition of Pascuas

The word Pascuas means Easter in English, and it refers to the celebration of the festivities at the time when it is remembered that Jesus, the son of God resurrected and saved the Jews, a tradition that extends and joy now overwhelms Christian hearts because they have the faithful conviction that Jesus died and resurrected for the whole world.

When we say Easter we also speak of Christmas time, where the birth of the Savior is remembered.


  1. ● Christmas
  2. Jubilee
  3. ● Easter Sunday
  4. Resurrection of Christ
  5. ● Happy Holidays


The word passover comes from the Latin word ecclesiasticus pascha meaning passover and from the Hebrew pesach which literally means to pass, to run, to jump. The origin of Passover begins in the Hebrew culture where the leap from slavery to freedom is celebrated.

Moses freed the people of Israel who were captive in Egypt, before this fact, the Jews celebrated as Pesach referring to the passage of spring.

It is noteworthy that as the Pesach recalls a leap from slavery to freedom, the analogy is made that now, with the death and resurrection of Jesus, a leap to life was made, that is why at Christmas and Easter time we speak of Easter and Happy Easter.


At Easter time, when the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is remembered, Catholics are accustomed not to eat red meat, nor have sexual relations since they consider that this is a time of purification and that these customs can dirty the soul.

At the same time, they perform a series of liturgical acts that lead them, according to their beliefs, to have a more intimate time with God and to cleanse all the sins they have done with or without intention.