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Definition of Omni

Prefix used in the Spanish language and that means all, all or totality. For example: omniscience is one of the characteristics attributed to God and it means that He knows everything.

Translated from Latin it means “everything”. From this perspective it is a meaningful word in the language to make a generality in any aspect.


Etymologically the word omni comes from the Latin omnis which is defined as “everything” or simply refers to a “relationship with everyone”. For this reason, it is used as a prefix particle to relate the word that precedes it to everything. An example would be “omnipotence” which means “can do anything”.

The prefix omni can be accompanied by names such as “omnibus” or by adjectives such as “omnivore”. In both cases he wants to imply a general relationship of some kind. Specifically omnibus is “bus for everyone” and omnivorous “everything devours”.


The prefix omni is present in several of the attributes of God, for example, omniscient, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, among others.

Omni is a mobile application used on Android devices to order taxis, sell or buy products and keep track of bank accounts in Costa Rica.

Omni Culiseum : This is the name of a stadium in Atlanta that opened in 1992 and was later demolished in 1997.

There was a science fiction magazine called omni that featured fantasy, short works on psychic studies, and mysteries in its articles. This magazine was published in more than 5 languages ​​and was permanently discontinued in 1997.