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Definition of Ombrofobia

Ombrophobia (in English) is a behavioral disorder, characterized mainly by an obsessive behavioral pattern of unhealthy fear of rain. This is a fear that has an incidence and a determination in the development of the life of the people who suffer from this disorder.

Naturally, since what provokes this phobia is determined by nature, it becomes quite difficult to control for those who suffer from this irrational fear.

Ombrophobics also experience the fear that affects them when they hear the sound of rain or observe a cloudy sky. Even the smell that characterizes rain causes fear in people with this phobia.

SYNONYMS FOR Ombrophobia

  1. Pluviophobia
  2. Fear of rain.

ORIGIN OF Ombrophobia

The word ombrophobia is formed by Greek roots, meaning fear of rain. It contains the lexical components “ombros” meaning storm rain and “phobos”: fear, adding the suffix -ia meaning quality.
Generally, this phobia is developed by unfortunate incidents and situations where torrential rains are the protagonists of great magnitude misfortunes, therefore having had an experience where the rains or troughs have destroyed the lives of many people or have taken away their homes, is the major trigger of ombrophobia.


It is described as a constant and persistent sensation that attacks the individuals who suffer from it, causing them mainly disgust to be wet with rainwater.

The affected person presents symptoms such as a need to take shelter and severe anxiety attacks at the very moment when they observe the drops falling from the sky, presenting sweating and palpitations.

The sufferer believes in the appearance of strange diseases due to the rain.