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Definition of Lorena

Lorena is a Spanish girl’s name that receives its meaning from the word Laurel. The laurel wreath has been a symbol for centuries as a way of showing honor and triumph. Its shiny dark green leaves have a subtle beauty and a scent that enamors.


Laurence (Male)

Lorenzo (Male)

Loretta (Female)

Lorelai (Feminine)

Lena (Feminine)


Lorena is a traditional name with several possible origins. In most Romance languages, Lorena is a Latin variant of Lauren. This name is the feminine version of Laurence, meaning “person from Laurentum”. The ancient city of Laurentum derived its name from the Latin word laurus, which means: “laurel tree”.

In addition, Lorraine is also a version of Lorraine. The name Lorraine has its origin in medieval France.
Finally, Lorraine may derive from an anagram of the name Lenore, which is the abbreviated form of the name Eleanor.


Although Lorena is a Spanish name, it is widely used in English-speaking countries. Its use may have come from the title of an 1856 folk song by the Reverend Henry D.L., called “Lorena”, of course.

In Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel “Gone with the Wind,” Scarlett O’Hara’s daughter with Frank Kennedy was named Ella Lorena.

Celebrities with the name Lorena

Lorena Feijóo – Cuban ballet dancer

Lorena Gale – Canadian actress

Lorena Velázquez – Mexican actress

Lorena Herrera – Mexican actress

Lorena Hickok – American journalist

Lorena Ochoa – Mexican golfer

Lorena Klijn – Dutch boxer