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Definition of Laotong

Laotong is a Chinese word that refers to an intimate and lasting emotional bond between two women. It is a concept that dates back over a thousand years and is found in traditional Chinese culture.


  1. Laotong is translated as “soul sister” and is also known as “sisters for life.” This term is used to describe the relationship between two women who share a strong and lasting bond.


The idea of laotong originated in the Tang dynasty era in China, where women were very limited in their opportunities and freedoms. Laotong allowed two women to share an intimate and sincere relationship in a society where marriages were arranged and friendships between women were uncommon.


  • Laotong was made through a formal pact between the two women and was considered a commitment for life.
  • This type of relationship was considered more important than marriage and family.
  • Laotong was not a romantic relationship, but a deep and meaningful friendship between two women.
  • Although laotong specifically refers to a relationship between women, there was a similar version for men called “sworn brothers.”
  • The tradition of laotong is still maintained in some rural communities in China.

In conclusion, laotong is a unique concept in Chinese culture that describes an intense and lasting emotional bond between two women. This traditional relationship has been maintained over the centuries and remains relevant in some communities in China.