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Definition of Inverencial

Inverential by itself does not have a technical meaning, however, it is part of “Inverential Peace” which is considered a protocol greeting or even a farewell, generally used in Gnostic ceremonies, this is expressed as a way of offering peace to someone whose respect is considered mutual, where tranquility, serenity with our heart and the consciousness of the inner self is expressed.

Anyone who uses this phrase is expressing a sign of self-perception in a positive way with himself and his pure inner self.

SYNONYMS FOR Inverencial



ORIGIN OF Inverencial

“Inverential Peace” comes from the common greetings of Gnosticism. This is a group of religious ideas and beliefs formed many centuries ago. Generally made up of Jewish and Christian villages. It seeks to encompass spiritual wisdom over traditional teachings, as it perceives the material as evil.

In antiquity there were a large number of writers with Gnostic currents. However, the church and its most influential leaders of the time decided to hunt down these authors, claiming that all their works contained heresy. The destruction of these texts was a triumph, which resulted in very few writings of this kind being available today.

“Inverential Peace” was created with the purpose of establishing stronger bonds with other participants of this current, transmitting reliability about your mental stay in the religion and also expressing goodwill with your fellow man. At the same time, it was originated to welcome new members who want to know more about the divinity and go deeper into Gnosticism.


According to the book “Misterios Mayores” of the author Samael Aun Weor says the following about Inverencial: “This greeting can be accompanied by the signs with which they paint the Christ Jesus: thumb, index and heart of the right hand extended and should be treated with the terms sir, lady, gentleman, etc.”.