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Definition of Íncubo

This word refers to a demon that has the appearance of a man and has sexual relations with a woman.

Also another definition tells us about a type of demon that perches on top of its victims, who are in a deep sleep, with the sole intention of having sexual relations.


  1. Demon
  2. Demon of nightmares
  3. Demon in the form of a man
  4. Demon having sexual relations


The word “íncubo” comes from the Latin incubus and means “spirit in the form of a man who has sex with a woman, lying on top of her”. It is composed by the prefix “in” (towards, inside, on top) and “cubus” (lying down).

It comes from the European popular belief and mythology of the Middle Ages where it was believed that the demon rests on top of the sleeping victim to have sex with the sleeper. The female contrast is believed to be the succubus.

A clear example of this was seen in the legend of Merlin. He can have relations with a man or a woman to become the father of a child. It is believed that he can be identified by his unnaturally cold penis, although other cultures say that this is the only hot part he possesses.
The incubus takes the form of a man and can even make his victims fall in love with him, it is also thought that he can make his victims sick or even kill them when he has sexual relations with them.


It should be noted that those who say they have experienced such a situation with an incubus have experienced it through a dream and, evidently, they feel that their energy is being consumed and that is why they say they can even die.