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Definition of Ignominiosamente

Our language has so many words and expressions that it becomes almost impossible for us to know them in their entirety. Among this long list, The Library of Wan Shi Tong shows you one of them very unique and historical, we talk about Ignominiosamente. With this term they described the actions of punishment against Italian military. You want to know what it’s about? Read us!

It is classified as Ignominioso, an act where a person is dishonored or ashamed or a group of them, thus providing social discredit. Currently this type of act is seen on a recurring basis among young people, but it is known as “Bullying”.

Etymological Origin of Ignominiosamente

It comes from the Latin “Ignominiosus” and its meaning is that “cause dishonors”.

Ignominia is a plain word that has 4 syllables, called as a noun on the grammatical scale.

Ignominiosamente Historical

According to historical data, one of the countries where ignominia comes from is Italy, precisely in its capital, Rome. There the military was punished for committing wrongdoing, and only the Public Morality Judiciary could take action in each case.

These officers were forced to perform extremely shameful acts because of the mistake made. One of the measures implemented was to send them to attack the enemy dens, thus turning them into guinea pigs.

They were also made to show themselves in public without the military belt, or to wear them loose in an effeminate manner.

The Ignominia of Present

The actions of the present century continue Ignominiosamente, adolescence is wandered between acts of ignominia or called by its modern term “Bullyng”. These events of dishonor and smear are evidenced daily and with greater weight in educational institutions, turning on alarms not so much for physical damage, but by psychological damage.


In this way we end, and what better way than by calling everyone, especially youth. Acts of ignominia or Bullyng must stop them. The dishonor and social discredit in humanity is a sign of insensitivity that undermines individual and collective health, which undermines our growth.