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Hora espejo 11 11

Definition of Hora espejo 11 11

In esotericism, mysticism and numerology the mirror hour 11 11 11 symbolizes strength, energy, creativity, and is associated with a new era

SYNONYMS FOR Hora espejo 11 11

  1. Strength
  2. Energy
  3. New beginnings
  4. Creativity

ORIGIN OF Hora espejo 11 11

The 11:11 mirror hour is one of the most popular in the world. Composed of a double 11, it quite often attracts the attention of our subconscious and we often stumble upon it.

The 11:11 is achieved more often than other combinations due to the phenomenon of synchronicity which, according to psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, is the simultaneity of two events linked by meaning but causally.

In other words, this only comes to mean that we humans generate a kind of connection between the conscious and the unconscious and that is why we tend to always look at the clock at the same time, as happens when we wake up before the alarm clock goes off.

It manifests itself most likely given the collective unconscious: it is present in everyone without us realizing it and is therefore attracted individually and unconsciously.

CURIOSITIES OF Hora espejo 11 11

The number1 has a meaning: it is associated with the fundamental unity, the beginning of everything. So the reason why the mirror hour 11:11 is associated with mysticism and creation is because it is assumed that the individual is at an important stage in his or her life, in a sort of transition or that great changes are coming.

The fact that someone thinks about something continuously generates that power of attraction around the number 1 because it is the number that concentrates the most collective energy.