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Definition of Guillaera

Guillaera refers to an attitude, with high self-esteem. It comes from Guillao which is to believe oneself to be something that one really is not. And in turn comes from Guille: which denotes an optimistic person.

It can also be used to denote an individual who pretends to be something or someone, or when he/she wants to hide. In some cases it can refer to a love relationship.


  1. Haughty attitude
  2. High self-esteem
  3. Optimism
  4. Believing oneself to be something that is not
  5. Hiding from someone

ORIGIN OF Guillaera

The term comes from guillao which means to give oneself a lot of importance without foundation or someone who wants to believe that he/she is a lot, but in reality he/she is not. For example: “that individual is guillao but you will see how quickly I take away that guille he has”.

Guillao as a deified human being, especially one who pays attention to himself, is not negative in urban music or its lexicon. On the contrary, in the egomania of the reggaeton genre, being a megalomaniac (all man) is precisely “tener guillaera” (to have guillaera) is something spectacular.

The lyrics of the songs of this genre use a complex dialect, a mixture of South American Spanish, English and street slang that results in a language somewhat difficult to understand for the uninitiated. There is therefore an essential list of terms that will be worthwhile to avoid getting lost among the regueton rhymes.


During the expansion of reggaeton worldwide, at the beginning of the new millennium, the pioneer Ivy Queen, also known as la potra, la caballota or la diva, popularized her song “Guillaera” in which she exclaims the need for a man with attitude and with all the accessories she is looking for: money, watches, clothes….

In 2012, Daddy Yankee presented to the world one of his hits baptized with the name Guillao, which he interpreted with a collaboration of Farruko.

The word in Puerto Rico refers to vain and proud, a person who delights in boasting about everything and tries to humiliate others. It makes his title much more attractive.