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Definition of Grax

In a digital and cyber context Grax is used as a word of thanks towards a certain situation or action in a parting moment.

The first three letters match the expression “thank you” and the x at the last place in the word represents the abbreviation of “xoxo”, the popular way of saying “kisses and hugs”.


  1. Thank you
  2. Thank you
  3. Thank you very much


Contrary to what is believed and happens with other expressions, Grax is not attached a historical origin, but it is a term that has a place in the informal slang in social networks like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Without ceasing to be a way to abbreviate a thank you and as can be understood, a mixture of a “thank you with a xoxo”, both as forms of farewell. With the word Grax you have an all-in-one.

As Thankx is an abbreviation of thank you, or a thank you, which phonetically have the same sound, it could be an adaptation of an acronym in the way it has been done in another language, in this case English.

Another variant of this abbreviation is when several x’s are added at the end of the word, corresponding to a thank you very much or a thank you with great emphasis.

Whichever way it is written, it should never be forgotten that in its context this word is simply an abbreviation of the word thank you.

Undoubtedly, in a few years, there is no doubt that these terms will be the object of study and will later be associated with a certain genre of words whose birth will be linked to the expansion and revolution of the Internet.


This word is generally used by young people whose ages range between 13 and 22 years, that is, a fairly young segment of users of the social network Facebook.

It is interesting to know that many believe that Grax could have been confused in its phonetic quality with Thanks.