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Definition of Febo

Febo is the epithet of Apollo, the god of the arts, the day, and the sun, and it means the shining one, the radiant one, or the resplendent one.


  1. God of the sun
  2. Shining one
  3. Radiant one
  4. Apollo the Archer
  5. Deity


Febo is the equivalent of the Roman god Apollo. He is the son of Zeus and Leto, and the twin brother of Artemis. The name Febo comes from the Greek word “foibos.” He is a skilled archer with a silver bow and is the deity of light and the sun. Febo represents masculine beauty and the beauty of the arts, including music, poetry, oracles, and medicine.

His emblem and attributes are the bow, lyre, arrows, sun, and laurel. When Leto (the daughter of the Titans Ceo and Phoebe and mother of Zeus) could not find a place to give birth because Hera forbade the earth from sheltering her, she only found refuge on a wandering island where she gave birth to her twins. From then on, the island was called Delos, the shining one.

Febo-Apollo killed the serpent Python, which Hera had sent, and therefore, he is also known as Pythian. When he finished, he threw the bones of the snake into a tripod and established the Pythian Games. The temple of Apollo in Delphi was the site of his most important oracle.

The Pythia or priestess went into a trance while sitting on a tripod, communicating messages and predictions full of ambiguity and imprecision from the deity in question.


It is curious that the god of masculine beauty was not lucky in love. He was rejected by Daphne, the beautiful nymph of the forests, who fled from Apollo and asked her father, a river god, to help her, and he transformed her into a laurel tree.