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Definition of Atrapasueños

A dreamcatcher is a handmade object that is used as a talisman to filter dreams, trapping nightmares and allowing good dreams to reach the dreamer.

In its most common form, it consists of a circular hoop with a web of threads that form a kind of spiderweb. Feathers and decorative beads are hung at the bottom.

SYNONYMS FOR Atrapasueños

  1. Cazador de sueños
  2. Filtro de sueños

ORIGIN OF Atrapasueños

Dreamcatchers have their origin in the beliefs and traditions of the Ojibwe culture, an indigenous people from North America.

It is believed that this object was created by a mother who wanted to protect her son from nightmares and evil spirits that sneaked into his dreams. To do this, she wove a net with willow branches and owl feathers to trap the nightmares.


  • Dreamcatchers are not only used by the Ojibwe, but by many other Native American tribes and peoples.
  • Nowadays, dreamcatchers have become popular as decorative objects, and many artists and craftsmen have created their own version.
  • According to tradition, the dreamcatcher should be hung in a place where it receives the first rays of the sun so that the trapped nightmares disappear with the light of day.
  • The web of the dreamcatcher symbolizes the spider’s web, a being considered sacred by the Ojibwe and other indigenous peoples.
  • Some believe that the dreamcatcher not only traps nightmares, but also helps attract positive dreams and protects its owner from evil spirits.
  • In popular culture, dreamcatchers have appeared in movies, books, and songs, becoming a symbolic object with multiple meanings and connotations.