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El Páramo

Definition of El Páramo

The word páramo designates a particular type of mountainous and arid ecosystem. It is commonly used to refer to any deserted, barren and remote expanse of land, located between mountains of a certain height.

It is a Netflix Spain production (2021) directed by David Casademunt. It is categorized as a psychological thriller. It tells the story of a family that lives isolated in a rural environment and whose life is disturbed by the presence of a terrifying creature.


El Páramo premiered on January 6, 2022 on the Netflix streaming platform.

Although it did not initially receive a positive response from the audience, it has gradually positioned itself as one of the most watched Spanish horror and suspense films.

This production is based, among other things, on the premise that isolation can become a big problem for a family living in a hostile environment and facing the unknown, embodied in the sinister creature that haunts them.

The film also shows how a young boy must assume the role of leader in the face of the danger that surrounds him, in order to survive and survive in the midst of a distressing and disturbing situation that no one would wish to live in.


Originally the movie available on Netflix was going to be called The Beast, referring to the terrifying creature that feeds on people’s fear.

The filming of the movie took place in a wasteland in the province of Teruel, in Aragon, Spain.

The world premiere of the film took place at the Sitges Film Festival, considered the most important in Europe in the fantasy and horror genre.