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Definition of Cizaña

Plant that has similarity to wheat and that is born in the same land as it is found. It is characterized by having larger spikes and because its fruits have toxic components.


Person or thing that negatively affects the context in which it is located.

 Colloquially it is used to refer to a person who hurts another, when an individual wants to look for problems, wants to “see the world burn”, rival a friendship “is putting weeds” or is “crazier”.


  1. Drunk
  2. Cominillo


  1. Dissension
  2. Enmity
  3. Discord


The word Cizaña comes from the Latin zizania and this from a homophone Greek word. It refers primarily to a very common plant in Hellenistic times similar to wheat and that appeared in these crops as a weed. From there, this term was later adopted by Latin and finally by the Spanish language.

Taking as a basis the plant called cizaña and the role it plays in the cultivation of wheat, this word was applied for other meanings. Especially, the fact that something negatively affects the context in which it is located to damage it.


In the Bible the concept of the cizaña refers to those people who are not truly Christians but attend and congregate with the people of God. Essentially, they identify themselves as followers of the enemy and Jesus prophesied that they would always be in the midst of true Christians.