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Definition of Catafixia

Cataphixia basically consists of exchanging one object for another regardless of the value of both. This type of barter was born in Mexico and has been popularized by a television program.


  1. Exchange
  2. Barter
  3. Negotiation


In an interview with the journalist Adela Micha, “Chabelo” commented that the word cataphixia was invented when he spoke a language called Mautro. He added that this language was the one spoken by the Martians.

Adela said that Xavier along with Germán Valdez “Tin Tán”, invented the Mautro language when a song saturated the Mexican radio and entertainment centers.

The comedian designed a game to make his television program more exciting called “En familia con Chabelo”. It was about the winners being able to exchange their prizes for one hidden behind curtains, risking to obtain something of lesser value. In most of the shows, Xavier López “cheated” and helped the unfortunate to keep his prize.


Xavier López is a Mexican actor, comedian, and entertainer known for his long television career. He acquired the alias of Chabelo for making a joke personified by a boy with the same name.

The word was included in the Dictionary of Mexicanisms, of the Mexican Academy of Language, it is even used as a verb.