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Cadena Perpetua

Definition of Cadena Perpetua

The word perpetua refers to the enduring, something that can last a long time or for a lifetime, however this is not all that life sentence means. Here at The Wan Shi Tong Library, we are going to explain the meaning of cadena perpetua to you.

Cadena perpetuas cover a wide range of practices, from the most severe form of life imprisonment without parole, in which a person is explicitly sentenced to die in prison, to more indefinite penalties in which, at the time of punishment, they do not it is clear how long.

Classification of Cadenas perpetuas

The traditional cadena perpetua:

It consists of a custodial sentence whose duration extends to the rest of the life of the convicted person or, if applicable, to the duration of the prisoner according to the law that regulates it (from 7 to 50 years).

The conditional cadena perpetua:

The probation sentence or with the possibility of revision, is one that from time to time requires a revision of the sentence so that the convicted person can achieve probation if the prognosis for reintegration is positive.

Some European countries that apply this mode, in addition to Spain , are: France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom . [1] An exception are Portugal and Norway.

You already know what Cadena perpetua means