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Definition of Arpeggi

The word “ arpeggi” comes from the Italian language and its translation into Spanish results in the word “ arpeggios ”. In turn, “arpeggios” is used to define the action of sounding the tones of a chord through a musical instrument.

These tones or notes must be played quickly and successively to be defined as such.

“Arpeggi” is derived from the word “ arpeggiare “, and the latter refers to the “action of playing a harp”, the most common string instrument in arpeggio performance.

Radiohead’s Arpeggi Song

Weird Fishes / Arpeggi is an experimental rock love song composed by the English band Radiohead . Born in 2007 included in the album In Rainbows .

The song was started with simple tones and sounds. Next, the sound of the drums, a second electric guitar melody and the additional singing of guitarist Ed O’Brien were added .

After that, the composition of the song was modified along with a stronger instrumentation and a more outstanding battery.

These variants made the song not only have the title Weird Fishes (strange fishes), but also the title Arpeggi was added to a totally improved and complete melody.

The band Radiohead received a 2009 Grammy Award for “Best Alternative Music Album” thanks to ” In Rainbows .” In this album, the musical theme ” Weird Fishes / Arpeggi ” stands out.

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