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Definition of Andhaghaaram

This is the transliteration of the word from the Tamil language அந்தகாரம் and it is literally translated into Spanish as “darkness”. In other words, it is the phenomenon that is characterized by the partial or total absence of light.


It is a construction of two words in Hindi that means “blind rest”. That is, the rest you feel when you close your eyes when exposed to high light rays.


Andhaghaaram is a transliterated word from the Tamil language that means “darkness” in Spanish. From this perspective, it wants to indicate the absence of light and it is a term that is used in different languages ​​with the same meaning.

Tamil is one of the languages ​​used in India, although it is not an official language of the entire country, it is an official language of at least three states and other places in the world.


In Hindi, when making a separation of the word , two different words can be found which are andha which is “blind” and aaram which is “rest”. From that perspective, the phrase “blind rest” can be put together, which is the relief of closing your eyes in the event of overexposure to light.


Andhaghaaram is a  film produced by Netflix , released in 2020 and set in the Tamil culture of India.

The Tamil and Hindi languages ​​are used in India, however, Hindi is an official language of the entire country, while Tamil is only of a few places, including the state of Tamil. It is necessary to clarify that Tamil is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world.