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Definition of Akusay

Vegetable of Chinese origin recognized for being a mixture of chard, lettuce and cabbage. In some Spanish-speaking areas it is known by the name of “Chinese cabbage”.

By extension, this name can be used to indicate various types of cabbages from Asia, especially the so-called “repollo chino” (Chinese cabbage).


The word akusay is a transliteration of Chinese 哈库萨伊and refers specifically to a vegetable also known as “Chinese cabbage”. Another name that is assigned to this vegetable is that of “pack choy”, it is a green plant, thick and elongated leaves, and shaped like a cylinder.

This important additive of Chinese, Japanese and Korean gastronomy, has been dispersed all over the world, and to consume it, it can be made raw or cooked. It is part of world-renowned preparations such as “Kimchi”.


Citizens of ancient Greece used akusay to increase the amount of breast milk in women while breastfeeding. In addition, they considered it a suitable ingredient for organic deficiencies in the lungs and intestines.

Akusay is a vegetable with approximately 90% water and vitamins A, B, C and E. It has high properties of nutrients, fiber, carbohydrate and low calories.