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Definition of 7362

This expression is used quite similar to the number 7642 in the social network TikTok and also means “I will always be for you” as a message of love and friendship, an expression of feelings.

In numerology it means the sign of the kind and noble ones who give part of their life to the service of others. According to spirituality, the one who sees this number is receiving a message from his angels: you have opened your soul to the world and you understand that material benefits are not necessary.


  1. 7642
  2. I love you
  3. I will always be there for you


As with 7642, the first person who used the expression 7362 in his publications in TikTok has not been identified, but what is certain is that it went viral and began to be used by thousands of users who want to express their feelings of love.

Numerology originated in the year 470 BC. Among its greatest scholars is Pythagoras, the famous Greek philosopher who devoted much of his studies to the metaphysics of numbers.

He came to the conclusion that in a single digit can be contained the number 1 and the number 9. In this way he was able to interpret each digit and its influence on the mission of people’s lives.


The 7642 that is used in the social network TikToK coincides with the same meaning of the number 7362, although in this case the figures do not coincide with the number of letters in each word of the sentence “I will always be for you”.

This number represents the ascension to a higher degree of consciousness and the capacity to show love to others.