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Definition of ?

Emoji known as “place of worship” and is used mainly in religious contexts in this sense. It can mean religion, prayer, church or the like. For example: Brothers, let’s pray ? for Mrs. Aminta who is in the ICU.

social media

It is an emoticon widely used especially on TikTok, usually to designate that it idolizes someone or something. For example: Justin Bieber is my religion ?.

It may sometimes be used as a sign of prayer, mercy, or favor. In this sense: May this publication reach a thousand likes ?.

In contexts of sexual or similar relationships, he wants to make another person understand the practice of oral sex. This is due to the relationship with the phrase “come to pray to you” which associates the kneeling of the prayer with a possible posture to carry out this practice.


? is an emoji that is known as a “place of worship”, that is, it is related to churches, mosques, chapels and others that are used with a sacred character. It belongs to the category of religion of emojis and was released in 2015 to the public.

It has been taken and adapted by users of social networks to give a meaning different from that of religion. In this case, it can refer simply to veneration for something or someone, but also to a sexual practice. Also, it can be found on Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram and other networks.


By May 2021 ? was one of the 30 most used emojis on social networks and one of the 20 most popular in the last week of that month.