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Definition of ?

The “smiling face with glasses” emoji used to represent a very confident and confident state of animation. A look with sunglasses reflects a lot of security and self-confidence. For example: I know I will win the exam ?.

It seeks to reflect security in its own ideas, undertakings or decisions. The casual gesture of the glasses reflects carefree and a feeling of having situations under control.

Along with other emojis of waves, sun and palm trees, it is very common. They represent vacations, beach days or sea sports such as surfing.

By extension used as an invitation to enjoy silver or holidays, even there are those printed in this paper emoji stickers to place on your calendar and indicate the start of the holiday.


  1. In rivalry contexts such as video games, this emoji represents the phrase “I’m better than you” or “you don’t measure up to me”. For this reason, it is used to “sing victory” against rivals.


? is a very popular emoji that was approved by the international unicode system in 2010, and since then it is available in many word processors.

This emoji changes quite a bit from device to device. For example, in some devices you can see sunglasses in a brown hue, while in others, you can see iridescent shades in red colors. However, its meaning does not vary despite color variations.


In most devices that have available “?” it is usually accompanied by a lopsided smile that gives a youthful and relaxed look to the look of this emoji.

Many video games such as “Dream League Soccer” have adopted the use of emojis for communication between players. One of the most used is that of sunglasses.

In 2015, many memes and videos were popularized in which sunglasses were the protagonists. They were always accompanied by the phrase ” turn down for what ” and it was a humiliating way of leaving a rival speechless. In many of them ? was used.