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Definition of WYA

Acronym that simplifies the question in English where you at?. Translated into Spanish it means “Where are you?” or “Where are you?”


Acronym that identifies a non-profit youth organization. Specifically, these acronyms correspond to the name of “World Youth Alliance ” or in Spanish “World Youth Alliance”.


  1. Where are you?
  2. Want to see you
  3. Where are you?


WYA is an abbreviation originated in English speaking countries to simplify the question where you at? Therefore, in Spanish it means “Where are you?” This acronym was born to speed up and minimize the text written during a chat conversation or exchange of messages.

It is said that in the United States people often use this acronym when they are attracted to someone and want to make a date or some kind of intimate encounter. For this reason, it has a connotation related to intimacy and the invitation to participate in intimate relationships.


“WYA” is a song by American artist Carlie Hanson. This song was released in 2019 as part of the album “Junk”.

Carlie Hanson was known worldwide for her first song called “Only One”. One of the reasons for its reception is that the song was part of a playlist made by Taylor Swift.

The “World Youth Alliance” (WYA) was created in 1999 by a 21-year-old named Anna Halpine.