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Definition of Philly

The term philly or in urban slang “fili” comes from the rolling paper of Phillies Blunt brand cannabis cigarettes as a status symbol in Puerto Rico.


  1. Cigarette made of marijuana.


The word fili is of Latin origin (filius) and has the meaning of “son”. It is an element that comes from Latin and is used in compound words, such as filial or filicide.

However, as time has gone by, the language has been adopting new voices and when thinking about philly, it is inevitable to link it to marijuana, creepy or the song by urban music artist Don Omar that says: “la noche está pa’ un philly…”.

Music always reflects things that perhaps they don’t want to admit in history and that they try to hide, as Don Omar’s reggeatón says and statistics confirm: there are many who like marijuana and not only in urban music.

It is perhaps for that reason that this urban music genre has been one of the most criticized in recent years, possibly in decades, but also one of the most powerful in the market.


Don Omar, is undoubtedly one of the favorite exponents of the public and one of his lyrics says: “la noche esta pa’un philly” and “la noche está pa’fumal creepy”. All fans of the genre surely know the meaning of both phrases.

Philly is also a way in English to indicate that one is a native of Philadelphia.

Philly Cheese is the name of the most famous sirloin sandwich in the United States.