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Definition of Oplomanía

It is a rare word but it has enough justification to be used very consistently, this because there are millions of people worldwide with Oplomanía. Would you like to know what this word means?

Oplomanía is defined as obsessive syndrome of weapons. Its origin comes from the Greek (oplon, “weapon”) and “madness”, “obsession”). Science is still investigating whether this condition is due to psychological disorders or other causes caused by past events.

Concept of Oplomanía

Psychological behavior experts refer to this attraction as inferiority problems or fears caused by past events. For example, a person who is a victim of theft who from that incident feels safe being with a gun in his possession.

Major Country Arms Carrier

Polls have shown that the United States is the number one country with the most firearms-carrying people, in most cases each inhabitant owns more than two rifles or pistols. Second, there is the nation of Serbia, also with a significant number of armed people.

Curious Notes

  • Unlike Oplomanía, the adverse meaning of this word is “Hoplophobia”, coming from Greek (oplon, “weapon”) and (phobos “fear”). Which means fear of guns
  • Oploteca is a related word meaning “collection of weapons”


We conclude with another great apprenticeship, this time about the arms mania of citizenship. Advising our readers that the most powerful “weapon” is knowledge, so let’s load our saber rifle to be prepared for a war that tests our intelligence. Bye, bye!