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Definition of Keii

Keii is a peculiar word that has risen to fame after singer Anuel AA made use of it to name one of her songs. Next, we will tell you what the meaning of Keii is and where this term comes from.

The word Keii comes directly from the Japanese language, where this term is used to denote respect, honor, admiration or reverence.

This word in Japanese is formed by two characters better known as Kanjis that symbolize Respect and heart respectively.

As an additional fact, Keii is also the name of an American radio station that operates in the city of Blackfoot, Idaho state.

This station is also responsible for issuing programming to the cities of Idaho-Falls and Pocatello that also belong to this state.

Keii (Song of Anuel AA)

In February 2020, Puerto Rican singer AnuelAA premiered his new single Keii as part of his future album Anuel and Emmanuel.

In this theme Anuel plays with the verses skillfully using reference to other past successes of the urban genre. For example:

  • She wants to drink – Anuel in collaboration with Romeo Santos.
  • Calmly – Daddy Yankee.
  • Callita – Bad Bunny
  • Taki Taki – DJ Snake.
  • Single – Lunay in conjunction with Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee.

On the other hand, the video of this song shows us a young woman who escapes from her wedding in an apparent winter weather and is found by singer Anuel in the middle of the forest.

Then it is revealed that the singer directs a huge clan of vampires who have a party, making the protagonist in the end in one of them.

You know what Keii means in Spanish