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Definition of Flashea

To dazzle by using a powerful light. However, in Peru it means to change the operating system of a cell phone for another one.

On the other hand, it means to fall in love, but in general, it is an unrequited love. Mostly, it happens when you are not planning a serious relationship.


  1. To dazzle
  2. Scandalize
  3. Fall in love
  4. Change the operating system of a cell phone


This word comes from the English word flash which means flash. It is a hybrid of the English word flash ‘to focus, to transmit quickly’ plus the suffix ear which means in our computer language “to illegally modify the operating system of a computer”.

Also after 2014 the postverbal term flashing is documented.

Apparently it is a word that is used today to refer to various meanings depending on the country where you are.

For example, in Argentina it means to hallucinate, to rave, to speak something incoherent, something crazy, out of the ordinary. Elsewhere it can mean to get confused, to interpret something incorrectly. It can also represent a surprising situation, object or state, out of the ordinary.

Likewise, it means something crazy and impossible that can happen. As well as to imagine, to fantasize, to think of something that cannot happen. It also refers to someone who is very surprised, hypnotized, crazy or drugged.


One of the most used meanings, although it has not been described until now and as a curious fact is the moment when the flash of a camera is used to capture a photograph. It is the precise instant and that is why it is called “flashea” or “flashing”.

It is worth mentioning that this flash or device incorporated to the cameras to illuminate the objects at the moment when the camera shutter takes the image, is called flash.