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Definition of Cuarzo

This mineral called cuarzo, also called quartz, is characterized by its silicon composition, and it is one of the most common minerals present in the earth’s crust, which means that it is present in many rocks.





Natural substance


Quartz is a mineral with the largest number of deposits on the surface of the Earth, and its unique characteristics make it one of the most useful natural substances.

It is known in the world because since ancient times it has been attributed a number of beneficial properties and most of these uses are related to energy and protection that provide us with a variety of amulets and stones with positive energy character.

However, these properties may vary, since quartz comes in different colors and each shade has a different meaning, which has led to the attribution of a diversity of healing properties related to esotericism.
Throughout the centuries, quartz has been used for different purposes and has understood and responded to various meanings, which is why this mineral is widely used by shamans, healers, sorcerers and witches.

But generally these stones are attributed an energetic effect with the quality of repelling bad energies and attracting good vibration

They are seen as protective stones and are also attributed with healing properties.

Quartz is a cold stone that is believed to favor the finding of inner peace so it has been used, apparently, to heal various parts of the body from certain ailments, something closely related to the positive energy emitted by the stone.


In ancient China there used to be the belief that this mineral was able to quench the sensation of thirst in both people and animals, especially in the case of transparent quartz.