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Definition of Colibrí

  1. Colibrí, Hummingbird in English, is a bird with beautiful plumage that is often associated with mystical meanings.
  2. The most widespread meaning is its relation to resurrection of souls.


  1. Bird
  2. Resurrection of souls
  3. Prosperity
  4. Abundance


This word in its Caribbean origin defines in its synonymy the hummingbird and its peculiar flight, that is to say, the tiny bird of bright colors that currently only lives in America.

Its meaning is so special and particular that it has become one of the favorite birds of many people and there are many spiritual legends surrounding this beautiful bird.

A very interesting characteristic of hummingbirds is their flapping wings, their flight has been filmed while flying and the symbol of infinity or the famous number 8 of abundance, eternity and continuity can be observed in their movements.

In ancient times in the Andes of South America the hummingbird signified the resurrection of the souls of the dead. It was believed that when a soul perished, it was able to take the form of a hummingbird to say goodbye to loved ones, giving them the message that all was well and that it had already transcended to another plane.

Therefore, it has been given a meaning of prosperity and abundance, as it can make the symbol with its wings 50 to 70 times per second.


30 million years ago, this bird was an inhabitant of the Old World, as demonstrated by the discovery of fossils found in southeastern Germany.

In the bible the appearance of the hummingbird is a reminder that any change will create abundance. So it is said that if you see a hummingbird and decree your prosperity in those moments, it will be a sign of good fortune.