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Ciudadano ilustre

Definition of Ciudadano ilustre

This is a denomination given to a person when he/she stands out in the cultural, scientific, political or sporting fields.

It should be noted that this title is only conferred to someone who has lived 10 years in the locality in question, in addition, could not receive this honorary mention if he had committed crimes against humanity, as well as it should not be understood that the recipient of this honor will have rights above other citizens.

SYNONYMS FOR Ciudadano ilustre

  1. Honorary mention
  2. Exemplary citizen
  3. Example of a person

ORIGIN OF Ciudadano ilustre

The origin of this honorary degree is known in two places in Argentina. One of them is the city of Santa Fe, where neighbors who are an example to society for their trajectory in various disciplines of life can be decorated.

The regulation was sanctioned on October 9, 1997 by the City Council and, since then, the body elects Illustrious Citizens.

According to Ordinance No. 10.228, modified several times (the last one in 2020 by Ordinance No. 12.756), in order to be nominated as Distinguished Citizen it is necessary to fulfill seven requirements, all of them duly specified in the articles of the mentioned regulations.

While, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it is a distinction that can be granted by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires by means of a special law approved by two thirds of its members and up to a maximum of 10 distinctions per year.

CURIOSITIES OF Ciudadano ilustre

El ciudadano ilustre is a 2016 Argentine comedy-drama film directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, written by Andrés Duprat and starring Oscar Martínez. It was released in Argentina on September 8, 2016 and in Spain on November 11, 2016.