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Definition of ❣

❣ is used to show a romantic feeling and to share with that person who loves you in a special way.

By extension it is used to exemplify and show genuine affection for friends and family.


This emoji resembles an exclamation point, so it is used to emphasize an expression or situation.

On group trips with friends or family, this emoji is often used to express the desire and joy for this trip. 


❣ was originated for social networks and chats. Due to its resemblance to an exclamation point, people began to use this emoticon more frequently. This is how the different web communication media became popular.

Over time, emojis are being used more and more for instant communication. Also, depending on the characteristics of each one, its meanings are transformed and adapted as in the case of ❣.


Generally, the color red and the heart symbol are associated with feelings of a couple, but in this case, it can reflect, not only that, but also an emotion, a thought or a desire.