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Definition of Kadosh

Sacred and Pure: Kadosh is a term that comes from ancient Hebrew and means “sacred” or “pure.” It refers to something or someone that is considered special and set apart for a divine or religious purpose.


  1. Holy
  2. Divine
  3. Sacred
  4. Consecrated
  5. Blessed
  6. Immaculate


The term “kadosh” has its roots in ancient Hebrew scriptures, specifically in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible). It is mentioned in various books, including Leviticus and Deuteronomy, where God is referred to as “Kadosh.” It is also used in contexts to describe sacred places and objects within the Jewish religious context.


  1. The concept of Kadosh is fundamental in Jewish theology, as it represents the separation between the profane and the sacred. God is believed to be completely Kadosh and, therefore, considered unique and transcendent.
  2. In certain Jewish traditions, individuals may be called “kadosh” if they dedicate themselves to a life of righteousness and religious devotion. These individuals are seen as role models and are expected to live according to the sacred principles established by tradition.
  3. The word “Kadosh” is used in Jewish prayers and hymns as a reminder of God’s holiness and the importance of maintaining a life centered on worship and obedience.