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Definition of ??

This combination of emoticons signifies confidence and character, both your own, and a way of giving support to another person. For example: Don’t worry Juan you can get over it ? ?.

It can be used as a way to send a very warm and personal greeting from a distance. Well, fist bumping is one of the most popular greetings among young people and people of all ages.

In competitive contexts such as video games, this combination of emojis is a way of proclaiming oneself as the best after having defeated the opponent.


The combination of the emojis ? and ? are used frequently on social networks and originated in the midst of the need to streamline expressions. The emoji of the smiling face with glasses, like the clenched fist belong to the Unicode 6.0 version of 2010.

Usually the fist is used as a greeting, force or threat, while the smiling face with glasses is an expression of relaxation or confidence. For this reason, the combination can express self-confidence, provide support, or claim to be the best. Everything will depend on the context in which it is expressed.


The combination of emoticons ?? is usually found on Instagram pages, blogs and others with content of self- improvement and self-confidence.