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Definition of ?

The yellow heart emoticon, unlike the red heart used for romantic themes, is used to represent emotions more linked to friendship. It is about representing feelings of affection for someone who considers himself a friend. For example: I love you my friend ?.

It is used to react to something that causes joy or happiness. An example would be: Tomorrow is Saturday, finally ?


The ? emoticon was released in unicode version 6.0 in 2010. It is classified as an emotions emoticon and is named as “yellow heart”. It is used to represent friendship, happiness and joy because of the feeling of calm and warmth in the color yellow.

The use of ? in the various chat platforms and social networks denotes expressions of kindness, fidelity, honesty and similar attitudes.


On most chat platforms the emoji ? appears in yellow. However, in Au KDDI and Docomo its color is orange, nevertheless it maintains its meaning.

The color yellow is very important to the history of emojis. The first emoticons were yellow and today some still have this hue. In principle, this color represented neutrality.