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Definition of ??

Symbolism of the sexual act. It is often used as a hint or proposal for the same.

Genitals. In this case, they represent the male and female genitalia.

Sexting, that is, sexualized or erotic image.


?? is often used as a hint to have sex. In the case of the finger, it represents the male genitalia and the fingers in the shape of a circle, the female.

In Japan it is where these ideograms that have been used as a form of language in text messages originate. The word “emojis” is of Japanese origi , which at its root has the lexeme “e” (絵), which in Japanese means drawing, followed by the noun “moji” (文字), which means character. From here you can understand the use of these ideograms.

In Spanish they are also known as emoticons  and are available in almost any word processor on a smartphone. In principle, the range of emoticons was not that extensive, but with the expansion, it became necessary to expand the family of emojis. Today they are available in almost any word processor and instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which have served as great promoters of these ideograms.


?? refers to sexualized or erotic images. Also, to propositions or insinuations to have sex.

Yellow has been the signature color for emojis, including ??, and so we have used them for many years. However, among the latest updates available, we find the option to customize the color of your emojis.