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Definition of ??❤

The ??❤ symbol, formed by the union of 3 emojis, can have different meanings. However, the one that stands out the most refers to writing a comment feeling ashamed, but doing it with love.

Another connotation indicates that it is used when receiving a compliment or comment that generates shame, but with the presence of affection .


” Hello Ana, I want to tell you that yesterday you were very pretty at school.”

“Hector! Thank you ??❤ “

In addition, it can also be used when writing a promising comment , that is, when making a promise. What is interpreted as a promise made from the heart .


” Hello Hector, do you love me? 

“I love you and I will love you all my life ??❤”

It is necessary to mention that this graphic expression originates from the symbol ?? . The latter is very common when writing something feeling a lot of shame or shame.


Hello Hector, what do you want to tell me? ?

Hi Ana, I like you a lot ??

In addition to the aforementioned connotations, many use the ??❤ symbol in WhatsApp chats and social networks to express love and affection . They have even linked it to references of a sexual nature.