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Definition of Uwu

Emoticon or emoji created from letters, used from the beginning of text messaging. In this case, conceptualize a happy or excited face.

By extension, it is used to express that some person or situation seems to someone cute, pleasant or tender.


The emoji “uwu” was born from the need to speed up and symbolize communication through chats. According to users, they use “uwu” in their daily chats as an innovative way to show how they feel in a situation, without the need to use complex sentences.

There is a large group of expressions that are related to “uwu”. These are known as “kamaojis” within Japanese anime-loving communities. Among them, expressions such as “O_O” and “T_T” that are used by users when a situation seems surprising or very sad, respectively.


The Furry fandom, a group of people who are fond of the personification of animals, use “UwU” to represent an animal in their conversations, this because of the similarity of the “w” to a snout or nose.

Uwu is also used to flirt and indicate that someone likes or seems attractive. In fact, variants such as “7w7” have been created that seek to represent a provocative face.

The Argentine artist “Kay Trashu” launched in 2019 a song called “Uwu”. This song is labeled as an emo trap.

Singer “Chevy”, known on YouTube for performing ukulele covers, has a song called “Uwu”. This musical theme was released in 2018.