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Definition of ?

The clown emoji is used to represent a very funny scene or a person that is funny. For example: Have you seen the video of the rabbit on a skateboard ??

This communicative symbol is used in jokes and mockery in different social networks, in a negative sense it is part of the bullying that many people in the world receive.


It refers in a general way to a clown, especially to those best known worldwide for being television and film characters.

Thanks to the participation and creation of clown characters in the horror films, this emoji represents something that is terrifying or that causes horror.

It can be used by a person who has been played a joke or found out about a joke at the end. In other words, in phrases like: They must have thought I’m a fool ?.


The emoji ? is known as “clown face” and has been part of Unicode since 2016 in version 9 of this system. It was used literally to represent a clown, however, this image has had many negative and positive connotations in history and therefore has several meanings.

Clowns are very common in different contexts, they can be synonymous with fun, but also terror. For this reason, the ambiguity of the emoji ? is high and its interpretation will always be conditioned by the context in which it is used.


? is used to represent Krusty, the clown from The Simpsons; Penny Wise, the horror character from the Stephen King novels and many other film and television characters.

The emoji ? is, for 2021, one of the most used emoticons in Spanish and is in the top 10 of this classification.