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Definition of ??

Two emojis that together want to express nervousness or grief before saying or doing something.


Fear. Example: A child comes quietly to tell his mother that he has broken a very expensive slab. He is afraid because he knows that he will be reprimanded.

Love. Example: “I’m going to tell you something I always wanted to do… I’m in love with you ??”

Joke. Example: You make an offensive comment to a friend, but then, with a smile; you tell him it’s a joke. However, the symbol must be accompanied by a heart. “??❤”

Sex. It is used in the context of mischievous comments. Example: Tonight I want us to watch Netflix, but I don’t have Netflix ??.


Looking at your hands or playing with your fingers is and has always been a synonym for shame or not knowing how to say things. These actions do not have an origin, or at least not a geographic one.

For many years, the Japanese have known how to use these involuntary actions, turning them into symbols of shyness and shame. We can see this in the famous “Animes“, where characters like “Hinata” from the famous Naruto series, use these gestures involuntarily when they are next to the boy they like.

With the passing of time and due to the influence of Asian culture and Anime, we have turned the much used emojis into a form of expression.

Currently, ?? is among the most used emojis in the famous social network Tik Tok.


The Universities of Michigan and Pekin revealed a study of 427 million messages in 212 countries. The little face that cries with laughter won the award. ?

A few years ago ?? was also used as an ASL for same-gender relationships.