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Definition of ???

??? is literally known as the “eye, lips, eye” emoji. The best known meaning is to represent a state of shock, disgust or confusion when watching a video.

By extension, it is interpreted as a feeling of unease generated by the contemplation of different events. This reaction usually appears as a comment on different social networks.

An emoji that varies according to your intention. From this perspective, they point out that the funny emoji can denote surprise, shock, intrigue and desire.


There are those who argue that the emoji of the eyes, lips and eyes, represents the phrase “it is what it is “, which is used when things do not go according to plan.


Much is said in relation to when was the first appearance of the emoji ???, the vast majority tend to point out the TikTok social network as a pioneer for this symbol.

There is a curious theory that points to its origin in the popular video of a girl on YouTube under the title ” some of y’all bout to be real mad at me but it must be said” (some of you are really mad at me but you have to say it) ???.


??? has been a figure that many have considered propitious for the year 2020, when looking with shock at the events generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the same year 2020, a campaign emerged from the Twitter account @itiseyemoutheye that was identified with the Emoji ???. The campaign was so overwhelming that it had a very high impact on the social network due to an alleged surprise where they intended to launch a new application. It all ended in a big scam.

It is estimated that the collection was in the margin of $ 65,000 where many people who did not support said movement, contributed involuntarily. Ultimately, the people who made donations ended up being misled. The dynamic of the campaign was to raise funds that went to criminal justice reform, mental health services, and the Black Lives Matter Foundations.