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Definition of ❤?❤

Emoji that is used to show that the person likes something excessively. In other words, that she falls in love, for example : I die with this ❤?❤. Precious little thing.

By extension the face in love is also published in comments full of “emotion” before something that was eagerly awaited. For example : I finally finished college ❤?❤.


  1. Love it
  2. I’m in love
  3. Fascinates me
  4. I like


  1. I do not like
  2. I am disgusted
  3. It makes me angry


❤?❤ is the fusion between two emojis frequently used by Internet users on social networks. Together they form the well-known compound emoji: “heart, lips, heart”.

This heartfelt little face (❤?❤) began to be used on platforms or communities of Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Wattpad, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, among others. Mostly, it began to be used to react to posts that are liked by the person. It’s like saying, “I love it” or “I’m in love with him or this”.


On Twitter ❤?❤ is used a lot when referring to famous artists or attractive people who become platonic loves of those who publish. For example: That man seems carved by the gods themselves, he looks like a Ken ❤?❤.

This ❤?❤ compound emoji is made up of the “heart” emoji ❤ and the “lips” emoji ?. The first is related to love and romanticism. The second denotes desire, which can be sexual or romantic.